A new year, a new direction

The why, the who, and the what


As I have now spent nearly 3 years (and probably will forever more will be),learning how to become not just the mother I want to be, but the person I long to be. I have made some interesting discoveries along the way. This blog is to give a bit more detail then my Instagram or other forms of media provides. My hope is to inspire, support and mostly let other mothers, everywhere in their journey, know they are not alone.

A bit about me:

I am a mother of 2 beautiful, busy, sometimes challenging kids. A stay at home mom with a passion to see other moms thrive. I deal with a chronic illness and one of my children has (for the most part invisible) special needs, and those two factors are largely what has caused me to seek more joy, more peace, and a more natural – less chemical, less stressful, less overstimulating life.

What you can expect from this space:

Personal realizations as we dive deeper into a more minimalist lifestyle
Cleaning and tidying experiments and tips
Clean eating and how natural remedies and essential oils have benefited our family
Special needs information and struggles as they relate to my journey of motherhood
Attachment parenting and adoptive parenting thoughts and re-posts
Whatever else I happen to think is worth sharing.

Author: Katie M

Just a suburban wife, auntie, mommy, child of God, trying to document and make change in the world of those around me.

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