The basement. 

It seems wrong…to be acquirering more space as we embark on a simpler life. But it makes a lot of sence when we look the the future. We need the office space if I’m going to ever love my home…and ever sleep without stress while I attempt to grow a business that allows me to be mostly home while the kids are young.

This was all shoved in or on a desk and bookshelf in our master bedroom

We need dedicated play and guest spaces as the whole and storage for camping and canoeing which are big passions but much neglected because of lack of access to the equipment needed.  

How does it tie in? A year ago we were looking at moving to a bigger house. To a new place, to find something more. In the past 6 months we have discoured this was a bit of a paradox though…. when we bought this house we loved it. It felt huge coming from an apartment! What had changed? 2 adults plus 2 kids plus stuff with a main floor that is all one room…as overwhelming as the stuff was…stuff can be dealt with…but as much as I love my kid’s and they love us…they are getting to an age where being in a room with mom all the time actually was stressful for me and causing them to lack problem solving skills at all and my son has some sensory quirks and being sent to his room feels like punishment but being in the only common area is often too much for him. Extra space means we have room to exist without being on top of each other every waking moment. 

Sometimes minimalism isn’t about downsizing….but it’s about not up sizing or moving and learning to be content where you are, and only keeping the stuff that enables to do that. 

New playroom…now toys have a home instead of being scattered between bedrooms and living and dining areas

Author: Katie M

Just a suburban wife, auntie, mommy, child of God, trying to document and make change in the world of those around me.

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