Go play ouside

the dream of returning to the forests and mountains. This is what motivates me. I used to be an avid outdoor enthusiast…canoeing, backpacking,  camping etc before I had kids…I have always drawn my joy and energy from nature. We’ve had a hard few years since kids and my health issues that are directly related to stress and hormone imbalances, hypothyriod chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, some days it’s hard enough getting out of bed …and therefor haven’t gotten out nearly as much as I had dreamed about with the kids. 

 The days we do have I’m often too tired to go or the house is a disaster or the kids are crabby or what have you…

My dream is to get back to the place where we are not ruled by stress, that cleaning is managed during the week and that even my body can find healing in the process of removing stress and adding in more outdoor time that I know was and is so vital to my wellbeing. This is what drives me to declutter my space my time my emotions…to make space for the thinges that will help to heal me…emotionally, spiritually and physically.  And give the gift of nature to my children…the gift that once delighted me that they would be just as delighted and in awe of God’s wonderful creation. 


Author: Katie M

Just a suburban wife, auntie, mommy, child of God, trying to document and make change in the world of those around me.

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