What does the bible say about minimalism?


I just started reading this and love it. The past month I have become very aware how much the bible addresses  “stuff”… more often then not you can find Jesus telling people to sell thier stuff, give it away, give it to the poor, to store up treasure in heaven.

One thing I love about God is all the things he asks us to do not only store up treasure in heaven but are also always things that help us live the healthiest most meaningful life on earth. It’s no wonder Jesus preached a minimalist lifestyle even before overabundance was so prevalent. When our eyes are on God rather then our possessions we can be freed of needing to fulfill the craving of stuff -which does nothing but steal our time and joy..freed to love people and to treat our body as the temple and all those other things that we know intuitively are healthy and also backed up by scripture.


Author: Katie M

Just a suburban wife, auntie, mommy, child of God, trying to document and make change in the world of those around me.

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