Simple Observations


I started this blog to document a journey.

Here a few things I have noticed since beginning to de-clutter and subscribe to a simpler life:
РI have more energy; which means my house gets cleaned more often, new or fun activities are no longer put off for fear of mess or time, I am able to be more present with my children, I can give more energy to my business, I can do more then just the bare minimum in a day, We have way more family time, I even sometimes have the energy to get outside and walk Рwhich with a chronic illness that has robbed me of so much the past 2 years, is incredibly freeing.
– My home feels like a place of peace and rest instead of a jail
– I feel less guilty about what I can’t provide…and prouder of what I can
– I fight with my husband less (not don’t we are still married – but less.) and we can spend evenings together instead of spending them putting stuff away.
– My kids rooms don’t feel overwhelming
– its easier to see what we do need and what we really don’t.
– my daughter takes naps once in a while again (since there are no more toys to play with)
– my room feels like an escape (even with its not finished state)
– The TV is no longer the focal point of our living room (we downsized to a smaller screen!), which has cut down on the kids asking to watch it a LOT! Which in turn means everyone is in a better mood when the kids are not TV zomgrumpies.
– We can find things!
– We don’t need a second vehicle just to go away for a weekend (ok so that might be an exaggeration, but we went from everyone having their own suitcase for a 3 day trip to mom and both kids being able to share a carry on our last weekend trip! That said we did have to do laundry while away…. maybe 2 suitcases will be the happy medium!)
– My kids fight less, and play together more.
– My kids are more creative in their play – even the one with processing challenges that never showed any sign of imagination and very little ability to play independently until this past December now pretends all the time!

If this list doesn’t make you want to go purge another room….there is something wrong with you. I’m joking of course but in all seriousness, I started on this journey to try and reduce stress – and am amazed at all these amazing benefits that have been added to our life along the way!



Home office

This. Was our office. Well not quite. .it was all shoved in and around a black bookshelf and desk…..spilling over rendering the desk useless…and in our master bedroom.

One of the main reasons we decided we needed more space was thar between hobbies and now running a business from home…I need an office, but I need one that isn’t infringing on my bedroom…the place that is supposed to bring rest.

So here’s the new office

It was actually far worse then that even…but I forgot to take a picture before beginning the purging process. I still have a ways to go but it is now functional and beautiful…a place to work and hopefully keep decluttering rather then full of stuff.

A new year, a new direction

The why, the who, and the what

As I have now spent nearly 3 years (and probably will forever more will be),learning how to become not just the mother I want to be, but the person I long to be. I have made some interesting discoveries along the way. This blog is to give a bit more detail then my Instagram or other forms of media provides. My hope is to inspire, support and mostly let other mothers, everywhere in their journey, know they are not alone.

A bit about me:

I am a mother of 2 beautiful, busy, sometimes challenging kids. A stay at home mom with a passion to see other moms thrive. I deal with a chronic illness and one of my children has (for the most part invisible) special needs, and those two factors are largely what has caused me to seek more joy, more peace, and a more natural – less chemical, less stressful, less overstimulating life.

What you can expect from this space:

Personal realizations as we dive deeper into a more minimalist lifestyle
Cleaning and tidying experiments and tips
Clean eating and how natural remedies and essential oils have benefited our family
Special needs information and struggles as they relate to my journey of motherhood
Attachment parenting and adoptive parenting thoughts and re-posts
Whatever else I happen to think is worth sharing.